Educating Yourself About the Green Home and Business Marketplace

April 1, 2010

Contrary to the stream of climate change soundbites floating on the breeze like so many dandelion seeds, going green is not about global warming, global cooling, or laughing at igloos.

Going green is actually about living in a more sustainable way. If you look back at the pioneers who set out to create something new and better for themselves, you’ll see a breed of people who lived a lot of life on the resources they had available to them. Pioneers were green because they had to be or they died.

Businesses that want to provide products and services into the green marketplace need that same pioneer spirit if they want to survive and even thrive in the coming decade. Though 2010 is shaping up to be a little better economically, the economic forecast for 2011 and 2012 is pretty damned stormy. You have to understand what that means for your customers.

What’s Going Green All About for Consumers and Businesses, Anyway?

If you’re a consumer, it’s going to be about maintaining a decent lifestyle and keeping costs in check. They’re going to be a little surprised when they discover the recession we’ve been going through isn’t over. The economy is just taking a breather. Look for inflation to kick in next year. And when it does, people are going to get hungry for ways to make better use of their money (READ: Resources).

That’s a big opportunity for you and your business.

And if  you’re a business, well, it’s going to be an even bigger challenge. A world of hurt, in fact. By 2012, for every dollar a business spends on computer hardware, accessories, and peripherals, it will spend a dollar on power and cooling. Think of the impact you can make on a business customer if you can walk in and immediately help them reduce their power bill.

Yet another big opportunity for you and your business.

No, I’m not running for office. I’m running a business. Several businesses, in fact. What I’ve learned so far has been a real eye opener in these challenging economic times:

People and businesses alike have money to spend IF you can demonstrate a clear and measurable return on their investment.

Your Job: Get Smart

Your job is to get smart about:

  • Greening your business, and
  • Greening your home…

… so that you can

  • Show other businesses how to go green, and
  • Show home owners how to go green.

After all, you can’t teach it or sell it if you first don’t understand what it’s all about for yourself. So we’re going to help you Get Smart.

Get GreenTech Advocates Smart

In the next month we’ll be launching the GTA GetSmart educational series. It’s designed for those of you who see the future and want a leg up on it. In our all-stuff-no-fluff series we’ll be offering programs you’ll profit from, such as:

  • How to become the most innovative business in your area.
  • What makes a product green?
  • What are the new market opportunities for businesses seeking to enter the green marketplace?
  • What green investing means and how to put it to work for you and your business.
  • How to get started as a Green Business Auditor.

We’ll feature not just respected authorities in specific areas, but interviews with people like you who are stepping into the new green world and watching their businesses grow as a result.

Stay tuned for an announcement of the first class in early April.


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