FiOS Energy Management?

June 23, 2010

According to reports, Verizon plans on selling security and energy monitoring systems by the end of the year.

The phone/Internet/TV giant won’t be the first big home services provider to dip its toes into the energy management market. Security behemoth ADT is already test-marketing “connectivity” solutions with remotely-accessible web cameras and thermostats, and plans a national rollout in August. Energy monitoring and remote energy management is planned as well. In addition, cable TV giant Comcast may enter the security and energy management markets as well.

ADT is using iControl software for its new systems. ADT and Comcast are both investors in iControl, as is Intel, which has produced a Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) with an in-house energy dashboard.

No word yet on whether Verizon will also use iControl software. But an iControl spokesperson says the company is not working with Verizon on its rollout.

Just imagine Comcast and Verizon also competing in energy management. I can’t wait for those TV commercials.

Look here for a big feature story next week on the iControl rollouts and what it means for the custom electronics industry–as well as a penetrating Q&A with an industry leader on these systems and the retrofit market.

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