Webcast Explores Huge Market for Energy Management Systems

October 14, 2010

GreenTech Advocates’ Premier Green Gorilla webinar, “Insider Secrets: Getting In on the Exploding Market for Green Tech and Home Energy Management” is now available online—and at no cost.

The free webcast details the next boom market for home electronic professionals—and offers a deep, expert analysis of the market forces impacting energy management and green technologies for homes and small businesses, including:

  • Who wants energy efficiency.
  • The impact of the smart grid and whether you should wait for it.
  • What constitutes energy management.
  • Building trust with green tech clients.
  • Really cool green home installs.

Rather than boring old charts and graphs and charts, much of the market information in “Insider Secrets” is presented in a fun quiz show format called the GreenTech Game Show.

“Green tech for the home and small business is a huge opportunity,” said GreenTech Advocates co-founder Steven Castle. “Our goal is to provide education and marketing resources that home electronics professionals can put into action immediately to take advantage of the coming green boom.”

The premier Green Gorilla webinar is open to all home electronics professionals who want to focus on the burgeoning green tech marketplace. It was originally presented live on Sept. 16.

To register, click here.

More Green Gorillas to Come!

Other webinars and teleseminars in GreenTech Advocates’ Green Gorilla series will soon provide the information and resources needed to launch a profitable green tech business, including:

  • Establishing and implementing an energy management policy.
  • Creative Selling Strategies.
  • Marketing GreenTech and Energy Management Services.
  • Making Your Business Greener—and Measuring It.
  • Advanced Ninja Marketing Tactics.

Learn more about the upcoming webinars here.

About GreenTech Advocates

GreenTech Advocates is an educational and marketing resource for those selling green tech and energy management systems. We are dedicated to promoting green technologies, energy management systems and energy efficient electronics in homes and small businesses—and to helping you find ways to reach the right consumers and sell these systems. We also help businesses develop their green tech marketing strategies and hone their message, so your customers understand the benefits of green technologies.

Our goal is to advance green technology as a way to save energy, save money, and live in a more sustainable world.


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