Utility Idea: Free T-Stats and Energy Monitors to Help Save

July 5, 2012

Hydro Ottawa peaksaverPLUSHere’s something all electric utilities should think of doing when rolling out their smart grid programs: Hydro Ottawa has re-launched its peaksaver program with a new peaksaver PLUS program that offers customers a free professionally-installed programmable thermostat plus an in-home energy display to help them monitor and manage their electricity use.

The Energy Display shows the amount of electricity a home is using at any given moment. Customers will quickly see and learn how their house uses electricity at various times during the day.  If they notice readings that are out of the ordinary, they can simply walk around the house to see what is on and turn it off, such as computers, lights, game consoles, televisions.  The Energy Display provides customers with an immediate understanding of their home’s electricity use.

“Customers are always looking for ways to better understand how they use electricity in their homes. We think the Energy Display will be a powerful tool to help customers make immediate conservation decisions to manage their usage,” said Roger Marsh, Chief Energy Management Officer at Hydro Ottawa.

The saveONenergy peaksaver PLUS program is a provincial program funded by the Ontario Power Authority that helps Ontario manage electricity use during those hot and humid summer days when the electricity system is stretched to its limit. Customers can enroll their central air conditioning, swimming pool pump and/or electric water heater in the peaksaver PLUS program to help reduce the amount of electricity being consumed during these times of critical peak demand.

The over 24,000 residential and small business customers in Ottawa who are already peaksaver customers will be contacted to receive their new Energy Display, which appears to be a Blue Line Innovations PowerCost monitor. Peaksaver Plus customers must have a central air conditioning system in good working order.

For complete program details and to enroll, customers may call 1-866-813-2226 or go to www.peaksaverplus.net.

Hydro Ottawa offers a number of programs to help residential and commercial customers conserve electricity. Since 2005, Hydro Ottawa conservation program participants have saved 500 million kilowatt-hours, enough to power 52,000 homes for a year.

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