On the Lookout for Green Tech at Greenbuild

November 12, 2012

Greenbuild Expo 2012The big Greenbuild Expo is this week in San Francisco, and I’m heading there with some cautious green tech optimism about energy management, LED lighting and the melding of green building and technology that could turbo-charge energy efficiency in buildings and homes. I’ll also be at the Verge sustainability conference, which can be viewed via livecast

A few things I’m looking for at Greenbuild:

Time for an LED explosion?

It should be time for LEDs, especially in the commercial space. There will be plenty of lighting control and LED vendors at Greenbuild, and I’m looking forward to checking out lighting controls and daylighting systems from Acuity and SolaTube, the latter of which is a tubular daylighting device manufacturer promising a smart LED system that works by harnessing the sun’s light during the day and transitioning to cost- and energy-efficient LED lighting at night.

I’ll also see how well the builders, architects, LEED pros and others at Greenbuild are embracing LED lighting in an educational session titled, “LED Lamps: Can we kiss halogen and fluorescent good-bye?”

Where’s the energy management?

A couple of years ago for about the first time Greenbuild addressed managing plug loads in buildings, though in one educational session the solution offered was smart surge strips. Big building automation companies like Johnson Controls and Siemens should be on the show floor, and Crestron is making a serious play into this space with its Fusion EM energy management system.

Educational sessions include  “Energy Monitoring that Provides Meaningful Data and Value,” something that seems to be questioned by many in the green building and design field, and “Improving Buildings through Simulation of Occupant Behavior.” I’ll get a pulse on whether energy management and building automation is taking off and the prospects for the light commercial market.

Where Oh Where is Green Tech?

Are stakeholders in green buildings and homes really ready for green technology? I plan to find out. I’ll be seeing energy harvesting sensor technology from EnOcean, and Tony Fadell, co-founder of Nest Labs will deliver the keynote in the Residential Summit (will we get clues whether Nest plans to expand from its revolutionary learning thermostats to home control?) The Resi Summit  will also include consumer-motivation topics such as “How to Turn Home Buyers into Green Home Buyers” by C.R. Hero of Meritage Homes and sustainability marketer Suzanne Shelton.

Stay tuned. It will be interesting to see if we’re arriving at the critical junction of green and technology. I’ll be posting here and Tweeting @GreenTechSteve throughout the show.

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