Turn Your Good Green Tech Plans into Great Business Plans

January 23, 2013

Seeking Greater Sustainability

It’s already a few weeks into 2013, and you’re no doubt looking to implement your green tech plans for your business, whether that means selling green tech and energy efficiency systems or services, or enabling them – in homes and businesses.

People and businesses are seeking greater sustainability, and want more information to help them make the right choices as they navigate a sea of products and services. That’s why Green Tech Advocates focuses on bringing green ideas and technology solutions together to help people create self-sustaining living and working environments.

We have seen an astonishing increase in GTA readership, and more readers are visiting every day, so we know there is a growing demand for information, products, and services that combine the best of green thinking with the best in sustaining technologies. We’ll be adding new features, too, such as The Practical Green Tech Geek series from Mike Knowles – a series of case studies as Mike works on greening his 95-year-old Sears Craftsman home in the mountains of North Carolina.

Sears Craftsman Home Waiting to Go Green

Sears Craftsman Home Waiting to Go Green

It’s going to be a bumpy economic ride for the next few years. This means there will be greater opportunities to apply green technologies that can smooth out the road ahead. The more self-sustaining people can become, the more stable their personal economies become.

The green tech marketplace will enjoy consistent, sustainable growth that can put green into your pocket. How will you do that? Well, we’d like to think you’ll be getting Big Ideas from GTA, of course!

We had some good plans for this year, but we’ve scrapped them in favor of having Great Plans! To do that, we need your help.

What can you do? Thanks for asking! Please take five minutes today and complete our little content survey. You’ll help us get you get the information and tools you need for your business and home this year, and you’ll have our undying gratitude! Oh, and one of you will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Please click the link and take our survey. You’ll see the results of what we learn in the coming weeks.  We’ll publish the survey results in our newsletter, and you’ll continue getting more of the content that sets you apart from the rest of the field. Tell us what you want in online events, articles, learning products, and consulting services designed to help you prosper this year. By helping us create more relevant content, you’ll get more of what you need to create more sustainable businesses and lifestyles – for you and your clients.


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