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May 8, 2013

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**Please note: Energy Efficiency Twitter Chat uses the #EEChat hashtag, however our Twitter handle is @EE_Chat. The preferred EEChat handle was already reserved at the time of our launch. Our apologies for any confusion.**

It’s ba-aaack.

The weekly Twitter chat #EEChat, started by Bill Allemon (@BillAllemon), will resume this Thursday, at its regular time of 9 pm EDT, and will be hosted by Steve Castle (@GreenTechSteve) of GreenTech Advocates. (Bill has taken a cool new job and is handing off #EEChat.)

#EEChat is for anyone interested in energy efficiency and energy conservation. We have had some lively chats, and all are welcome. All you need is a keen interest in energy efficiency and conservation.

There should be no shortage of topics for #EEChat, as GreenTech Advocates regularly posts subjects of interest in energy efficiency. We will list the weeks’ topics in this space. Participants and guests should feel free to submit topics of interest and suggestions to or @EE_Chat.

Follow @EE_Chat or monitor #EEChat on Twitter for updates. And be sure to check out regular #EEChat page on our submenu (above).

Just filter your Twitter feed to #EEChat to follow along and participate by using the hashtag #EEChat!

ERC pkinglot solar.smThis week on #EEChat:

The green-tech-stuffed Earth Rangers Centre for Sustainable Technology—read our post about it here, managed by EEChat regular Andy Schonberger (@AndySchonberger). To see even more about ERC and some videos, go to the extensive web site. (selected links also appear below)

Topics for discussion:

  1. What are your favorite energy saving features at Earth Rangers Centre?
  2. What do you think saves the most energy at ERC?
  3. What EE features or tech should be in other commercial buildings?
  4. What EE features or tech will have a hard time gaining traction?
  5. What can be done about rising plug loads? Also read our post on the Bullitt Center for ideas.
  6. Lessons learned: Projects that didn’t work out. (If we have time!)

Executive Summary of Earth Rangers Centre Tech

  • Solar PV trackers with 56.6kw of solar/ 85 kw total solar
  • Geothermal ground-source heat pump for heating/cooling
  • EV chargers in parking lot
  • Energy management software and dashboard
  • Energy monitoring with 300 points of live data tracking
  • Building Automation system for many subsystems
  • Integration of building systems
  • QR codes for quick status of systems on smartphones
  • Day lighting and harvesting
  • LED lighting in lobby, hallways, data center
  • Water treatment facility
  • Earth tubes for ventilation and heating/cooling
  • Green roof
  • Thermal mass

More Earth Rangers energy-savings systems to check out:

Integration of building systems

Day lighting and harvesting

Thermal mass

“Net Zero”




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