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May 30, 2013
Energy Squad ipad app

Energy Squad’s Lighting Proposal Tool by ecoInsight eases the process of conducting a lighting audit and making LED recommendations.

LEDs are hot, and light commercial LED retrofits are even hotter. Why? Money talks, and more and more light commercial business owners are realizing they can save bundles by switching over to energy-efficient and long-lasting LEDs.

The only problem is, well, spec-ing these projects out. That’s where Energy Squad, a green tech distributor for the custom electronics market, comes in. Energy Squad has represents 20 brands of green tech products and has partnered with audit software company ecoInsight to build a Lighting Proposal Tool you can use on an iPad to gather information about an LED retrofit project, specify LED replacements and develop proposals.

In Energy Squad’s sister company Bethesda Systems’ experience, “Having a full-capacity energy calculator was not so important in closing residential lighting sales,” says founder and CEO Jonathan Stovall. “As we progressed into light commercial LED retrofit projects, we recognized the need to present clients with a more comprehensive money and energy saving proposition. As we soon found out, the ROI and energy and money savings and net out-of-pocket expenses are the major factors in a client’s willingness to say yes to an LED lighting retrofit project.”

“When you go into retrofit, a lot of time people are inclined to want to show all the great product features, but in the end in the commercial business it really is about the financial benefit,” says Robert Sherburn of ecoInsight.

EcoInsight’s apps have been used in over 10,000 projects developed and $1.5 billion worth of proposals, according to Sherburn. The paid version of the app with business analytics has been customized for Energy Squad’s Lighting Proposal Tool to include the distributor’s entire line of LEDs and links to spec sheets. An ecoInsight iPhone app is expected in June.

The ecoInsight app allows users to easily input the complex variables required to present a compelling ROI case, such as:

  • Wattage of existing and replacement bulbs.
  • kWh rate the client pays in electric bill.
  • How many hours a day the lights are on.
  • Maintenance rate.
  • Your labor for the job.
Energy Squad LED pic app

You can take pictures of lamps and make notes on the app for future reference.

Sales people can also take pictures of lamps on site, mark up the pics with notes and insert audio notes, and upload the information to the cloud.

Back at the office, users can use wizards to find bulb or fixture replacements by lumens, wattage, color temperature, base type, whether they’re dimmable and Energy Star-star rated, and dealer cost. They can load in labor costs and mark-ups, and view project dashboards and look at local incentives from utilities and states that are worth taking advantage of. They can also adjust margins, payback time, freight and labor and see 10-year cash flow analyses resulting from projects.

Playbooks for common recommendations and links to cheat sheets are available at Energy Squad’s dealer site. The dealer site also feature videos on using the ecoInsight app.

The Energy Squad Lighting Proposal Tool is available for $49 a month to dealers, with the first 30 days free. Energy Squad also makes demo kits of 22-LED Pro Paks and a 10-LED Starter Paks available, which also come with handheld dimmers and wands.

Contact for more info. You can also view a demo of the app here.

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