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June 13, 2013
Philips hue on iPad

With Philips’ hue, users can create color pallettes of light from photos on iPads or iPhones.

Last week control company Savant announced support for  Philip’s hue LED lighting control system that allows a few LED lights to be remotely controlled and their colors adjusted. Hue is a nice little system that can get people interested in energy efficiency and LEDs because it’s FUN. Colored LEDs! Woo-hoo. Control of it with a control system like Savant’s is even better. And don’t forget: Savant has some nice energy monitoring in its SmartEnergy system that provides energy info with links to controlling these systems. Look for more integration between control and energy monitoring down the line.

Savant’s control and automation system will support functionality such as color adjustment, brightness settings and other features. Leveraging Savant’s RacePoint Blueprint configuration tool, integrators can control multiple Hue bulbs simultaneously (no limit to quantity) or program customized lighting scenes for any number of Hue bulbs as well.

Savant's hue interface

Savant’s hue interface

Don’t be afraid to integrate small stuff like the hue lighting system and mesh network devices using Z-Wave technology, for example. A lot of people would like to have some of this stuff, glitches and all, but don’t want to deal with the setup. That’s where a pro comes in.

Many custom electronics pros install Alarm.com’s GSM cellular and Z-Wave systems, for example. Earlier this month the company announced a partnership with Schneider Electric to bring Schneider’s Wiser home management system to home builders, utilities and other service providers in the energy efficiency space, allowing homeowners and property managers the ability to proactively track and manage electricity usage in real-time, monitor the power generated by rooftop solar panels and operate connected thermostats and load control devices more intelligently to reduce energy usage.

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