Video: Energy Monitoring System in Action

August 6, 2013

If you want to see what an energy monitoring system looks like in the recesses of an equipment room, and how the finished on-screen display can be operated, check out these videos I took recently in a cool green home in Vermont.

The home features an Apple-based Savant home control system with Savant’s SmartEnergy monitoring, consisting of energy monitoring units that are wired to current transformers (CTs), doughnut-shaped clips that slip around the wires from the main electrical feeds and each circuit to measure the power delivered.

The system in this house monitors 84 circuits with four of Savant’s SEM-1024 modules, three of which are tied to electrical panels that can be powered by the home’s back-up generator. The SEM-1024 modules in turn are wired to the Savant system processors.

Here is Mark Komanecky of electronics integrator simpleHome providing a basic explanation of the SmartEnergy monitoring systems and what they do.

And here’s the SmartEnergy interface, on an iPad. Mark shows how to dig deep to see the energy consumption of certain systems like lighting, and how to view the energy history.

Also be sure to read the story about this very cool green tech home, which quite literally brings the bounty and beauty of nature indoors.

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