GTA is Back: An Open Letter to Readers

April 7, 2015

For more than a year I’ve been deciding what I should do with this web site. Keep it up? Focus it on building, retrofit, residential, commercial, industrial, utilities?

Redwoods Old Grove

Redwoods, June 2014

I suspended it back in 2013 to take on a full-time editing job, where I learned a lot about the homebuilding market how green and energy efficient building is evolving , and how technologies can make homes much more efficient and healthy. There is a lot to report on the home front alone.

But a lot of very cool green tech is also taking place in commercial buildings, industrial, utilities, you name it. For a market that many people have claimed isn’t very big, it sure is hard to get one’s arms or mind around it all. I’ll post some articles here on topics about green tech, sustainability and wellness that catch my fancy as I conduct research for book and freelance projects.

Winter Stream

Let’s take this somewhere.

I want to write stories of sustainability. I want to tell the stories of how people are finding new ways to be efficient, healthy and sustainable through technology—and find ways we all can prosper by it.

I’ve written and edited for luxury markets (Robb Report), home technologies (Electronic House), green tech (this blog and more), and homebuilding. I’ve written humor and satire columns for newspapers. I have a lot stories to share.

I also appreciate nature, and have always envisioned this website as a place where we an appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us every day. It’s a part of being being well and living sustainably. Nature photos may not be “green tech,” but they’re going to be here. So may my offbeat humor and observations, whenever inspiration strikes. (See the FUN STUFF sidebar for the Life and Wellness blog.)

Maybe GreenTech Advocates isn’t the right title. Green tech can encompass so much, and yet it often needs to be a part of something larger. Like our lifestyles–and wellness. So prepare for some nature and humor and other types content. I am open to title suggestions as well. Send them my way. I am also open to working with good and honest marketing and multimedia people interested in helping with this endeavor.

Where it goes, I don’t know. But let’s take it somewhere, enjoy the ride, and make it count. –-Steve Castle

Jonquils in spring


All Photos copyright (c) Steven Castle, 2015


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