The Really Easy Earth Day Quiz

April 22, 2015
flowers and sky

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Happy Earth Day! Let’s have some fun.

Below you’ll find a very quick,  easy and fun quiz covering topics from drought and water savings,  geoengineering schemes, fracking and some very interesting stuff about medicinal plants.

Wait. Drought, water savings, fracking, FUN?

Maybe FUN should be the chief resolution for greenies and techies and enviros of all stripes. Instead of listing all the thingswe should consider on Earth Day (blah blah blah no one will read it) or questioning the relevance of one token day, let’s consider how we can make all of our valuable information  about energy, energy savings and sustainability and wellness fun, easy to understand, and accessible to people of all types.

Here is a brief, low-tech and very easy Earth Day quiz, designed to make you feel better about your … uh .. earthly knowledge. We bet you’ll even learn something from it. And if you like, please hit the Share button and feel free to pass it on.

1. Earth Day started in 1970 as:

A. A  “national teach-in on the environment.”

B. Demonstrations for a healthy, sustainable environment in massive coast-to-coast rallies.

C. A movement supported by both Democrats and Republicans.*

D. All of the above!

*It also led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts.

Sand and Sky2. California and areas of the southwestern United States are experiencing severe drought, prompting solutions such as:

A. Desalination plants that make fresh water from seawater but emit tons of carbon into the atmosphere.

B. Actually asking people to save on their water use.

C. Divining rod sales.

D. Both A and B (and maybe C)

 Sky Prism3. Geo-engineering schemes propose using technology on a grand scale to mitigate the effects of climate change, and include:

A. Employing a chain of hot air balloons attached to a really, really long hose that spews pollutants into the upper atmosphere to block the sun and cool the planet.

B. Seeding the oceans with iron to store excess carbon, though we don’t know what this will do to marine life and acidification.

C. Injecting carbon dioxide into oil wells to get more … oil.

D. All of the above!

4. Hydrofracking, also known as fracking, uses highly pressurized water and chemicals in horizontal wells to split rock and shale, thereby extracting oil and natural gas, and has been described as:

A. A way to a cleaner energy source, as natural gas emits less greenhouse gases as other fossil fuels.

B. A way to screw us sideways.*

C. A way poor farmers can sell their land and get out, rather than continue doing uneconomical things like growing local food.

D. All of the fracking above!

*From Naomi Klein’s book, This Changes Everything


Ferns5. Which of the following is true?

A. About 120 prescription drugs sold worldwide today are derived directly from rainforest plants.

B. 70 percent of the plants identified by the U.S. National Cancer Institute as useful in the treatment of cancer are found only in rainforests.*

C. An indigenous tribe called the Surui deep in the Amazon are using handheld digital devices to chart tropical plants and wildlife, in order to establish a value of natural capital for their land, which also happens to be valued by oil companies.

D. All of the above!

*In addition, a very small percentage of tropical trees and plants have been tested by scientists, and even less is known about the wildlife.



All answers are D.



5 Correct: Congratulations! “All of the above!” is a great answer, isn’t it?

3-4 Correct: Perhaps some Amazon tree frog leaf extract would help.

1-2 Correct: You gotta love the idea for hot air balloons carrying a very long hose, just for its sheer comedic value.

0 Correct: Please pick up your trash. Thank you.


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