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April 7, 2013
Steve Castle

Steve Castle

We know green tech and energy efficiency, and how it cen be used for health and productivity. GreenTech Advocates specializes in simplifying complex technologies for businessness and homeowners.

Engage Your Audience

GTA’s Chief Advocate, Steve Castle, has more than 20 years of experience writing to consumers of the green, consumer electronics and high-end luxury markets. He is known for his ability to simply complex subjects.

Mike Knowles

Mike Knowles

GTA’s Michael Knowles has decades of experience as a marketing copywriter, technical writer and business coach.

Combined, Mike and Steve create effective and original ways for you to meet your green and green tech audiences and grow your market.

Everything we do is customized to YOUR needs, to meet YOUR audience, and to grow YOUR green business.

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Holland Yates home

Greenest Home in America?

Case Studies—Share Your Powerful Stories

Storytelling is powerful. We are wired for it, and there is no better way to get your company’s message across. GreenTech Advocates tells the stories of green tech companies, and no one is better at than our Chief Advocate, Steve Castle, who has been telling the stories of green tech and electronics integration for years. Make your case study something everyone will read, by having it written by GreenTech Advocates.

White Papers

TechDecisions ProjectorThe problem with white papers—they’re either terminally boring, a shameless pitch, or recycled material. GTA produces white papers that blend the knowledge you want to spread with the proper supporting data and some much-needed verve. We can be humorous, engaging and fun. Or just plain serious. Any way you go, our white papers are effective.

Brochures and Handouts

Inspiring potential customers to make investments in green tech and energy efficiency requires making them aware of the opportunities. GreenTech Advocates provides turnkey, private label brochures and other materials for promoting energy efficiency, energy management and other green technologies. Leave a well-designed and expertly written brochure or handout with your potential clients to make them aware of the green and energy saving opportunities your company can provide.

Energy Manegement presentationWebinars and Presentations

GTA won’t produce the typical boring slide show or thinly veiled commercial. We bring real expertise and knowledge to webinars, presentations and speech writing—and we prepare them to engage your audience.

Website Copy, Blogs and E-Newsletters

Give your potential clients a reason to hire you as a green tech or energy efficiency expert. We write about this stuff every day and can populate your web site with engaging, topical copy that will garner web traffic, bring you more leads and set you apart.

Business Consulting

GreenTech Advocates has thoroughly studied the market for green technologies and can help you get started on the way to analyzing your market, selling your services, finding the right channels and succeeding.


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  1. Roger Fulks on May 6, 2011 at 4:45 am

    I am planning a private practice providing an array of mental health therapies and both clinical and financial consulting to human service agencies. I find green technologies, energy management, building automation and connectivity as a possible service recommendation to refer prospective clients who want to save money while being eco friendly.

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